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Repair Services FAQ

Can I bring my own parts for the repairs?
No, at Craftsman Collision we warranty all of our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. Using parts a customer brings in would void this warranty. This is because parts provided could be faulty, subpar, may not be the best part for the job or possibly not fit correctly. We stand behind our craftsmanship and want to ensure the parts used are the best for the job.
My OEM part was damaged. Why is it being replaced with a used or aftermarket part?
The insurance coverage you have on your vehicle will dictate whether or not an OEM part is replaced with an OEM, aftermarket or used part. If you do not have extra insurance on your vehicle that mandates the use of OEM parts, then replacement of parts is at the discretion of your insurer.
Can we drop off the rental vehicle at Craftsman Collision or do we have to go to Enterprise Rent-A-Car?
Rental cars are to be dropped off at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They will provide you with valet service back to Craftsman Collision.
Is there a mileage limit on Craftsman Collision replacement vehicles?
No, there is no mileage limit. We just ask that your replacement vehicle is returned on time with the same fuel level as when you received the vehicle.
Can I go to another province or the United States with a replacement vehicle?
Yes, there’s no reason why you can’t. However, please discuss your plans with the shop prior to repairs.
My vehicle is a tow-in, but can I have a replacement vehicle now?
If the shop is able to accept your tow-in, getting a vehicle will depend upon your insurance coverage as well as availability from our fleet of replacement cars or Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Can other people drive the replacement vehicle besides me?
Yes, anyone who can drive your car can drive your replacement vehicle as well. Please be aware, though, that your insurance is transferred to the replacement vehicle while you are driving it; if you let someone else drive, your insurance is responsible.
Why do I need to provide a credit card for the replacement vehicle? 
Credit cards are used for security purposes for delayed parking tickets, vehicle impoundments or if the vehicle is returned damaged or with low fuel.
When can I wash my freshly painted vehicle?
Yes, you can wash it right away with a soft cloth or sponge. However, we recommend waiting one month before applying any polishes or protective agents.
Can I have a Craftsman Collision replacement vehicle without having a credit card?
No, we require a valid credit card.
My car is in the shop being repaired. How do I get a rental vehicle?
If you have Loss of Use coverage from your insurer, either on its own or as part of the RoadStar or Roadside Plus package, you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while it is being repaired. Please check your coverage, as your insurer has set maximum per-day and total limits for rental car coverage.
Does my vehicle need to be insured to have repairs done at Craftsman Collision?
Yes, your vehicle requires valid basic insurance to be on-site at Craftsman Collision for repairs.
Do I need an appointment?
We do suggest scheduling an appointment for your estimate or your repairs through our easy-to-use 24/7 online booking tool. But if you find yourself short on time, please give us a call, we will fit you in as soon as there is availability.
Are my repairs warrantied?
Yes, Craftsman Collision provides a limited lifetime warranty on the workmanship of the repairs to your vehicle. Please see our warranty page for more information.
What do I do if I get in an accident with your replacement vehicle?
It happens. You simply notify Craftsman Collision of the incident, notify your insurance provider and make a claim. Your insurer will then notify Craftsman Collision and a claim will be generated. Pending liability you may be responsible for paying the deductible.
What services does Craftsman Collision offer?
Craftsman Collision offers a wide range of auto body repair services, including collision repairs, paint and refinishing, auto glass repair and replacement, and hail damage repairs.
Where can I find Craftsman Collision locations in British Columbia?
Craftsman Collision has over 40 locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. You can find the nearest location to you on our website.
Can Craftsman Collision repair aluminum vehicles?
Yes, Craftsman Collision is OEM certified and has the expertise and tools to repair aluminum vehicles.

Repair Process FAQ

What is Craftsman Collision's process of getting parts for vehicles?
We first research to see if the customer has opted for extra insurance for OEM replacement parts. If customer has extra insurance all OEM parts will be used in the repair. For customers who have not purchased extra insurance we first search for used, then proceed to aftermarket if available, then with OEM parts.
Why are repairs so expensive?
The more technologically advanced cars become, the pricier they are to repair after a collision. Adding to the increased prices are driver or parking assist, bumper sensors, cross-path detection systems, software recalibrations, lighter-weight body materials, along with environmentally friendlier paint applications. As well as increasing direct costs (labour and materials) and the cost of providing the service (overhead). As repair costs rise, insurance companies pass these costs on to drivers.
How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
This is dependent on the complexity of the repairs, the situation, the availability of parts and materials, and much more. It truly varies from one situation to the next.
What happens if additional damage is found after the estimate?
During the course of repair, we may discover additional damage that need to be addressed. In this case, we will contact the insurance company for authorization as well as the insured to keep you informed.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?
OEM parts are the parts manufactured by the factory supplier of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are third-party equivalents of the original factory parts. These parts are certified by your insurance company.
Can Craftsman Collision match my paint colour exactly?
Yes, in addition to working closely with the major auto manufacturers and their OEM paint specifications we have real-time access to paint formulations for every make and model of vehicle with the support of BASF and Color Compass Corporation.
Why is it taking so long for my car repairs to complete?
There can be multiple reasons why your repairs are delayed: OEM repair specification planning, insurance approvals, and parts availability.
Why do you need so many pictures of the damaged vehicle?
Pictures are required by your insurer to validate the damages to your vehicle and are part of their documented repair process. These photos also capture pre-existing damage, wear and tear and overall condition of the vehicle.

Claim Process FAQ

Do I need to make a claim with my insurance company before coming to Craftsman Collision?
Yes, ICBC as well as all other private insurance companies require their customers to report a claim prior to commencing repairs on the vehicle.
How does the claim procedure work?
1. Report your claim online or by phone to your insurer. 2. A claims representative is assigned to your claim who will collect all the information related to the incident and determine responsibility. 3. Get an estimate for repairs at your preferred collision centre. 4. Once the estimate is approved by your insurer, get your vehicle fixed. 5. Pay a deductible (if required) once the repairs are complete.
When do I pay my deductible?
You pay your deductible to us at the completion of your repair, when you come in to pick it up. If you are not at fault, typically the deductible will have been waived by your insurer. However, if the deductible has not been waived, you are required to pay the deductible before your vehicle can be released. You can seek reimbursement from ICBC or your insurance company once liability is resolved.
I had an accident and have made a claim with my insurer, what do I do next?
Book an appointment online 24/7 or contact the nearest Craftsman Collision location to make an appointment for repairs and get the repair process started.
How does the process work for hit and run claims?
The estimate or claim must be written and approved by your insurer prior to Craftsman Collision commencing repairs to your vehicle. In most cases this must be completed prior to your repair date.
Can Craftsman Collision add non-related vehicle damage to the claim?
No, only damage related to a particular incident can be claimed. If old damage exists on the vehicle that you wish to have repaired you will have to pay privately or make an additional claim.
Can someone else other than the registered owner bring the vehicle in for repairs?
Yes, the person authorizing the work does not have to be the registered owner when the damage occurred, but once the repairs are complete the repair needs to be authorized by the registered owner or representative upon pick-up.
What is my deductible, and who do I pay it too?
Your deductible is how much you have to pay for repairs, before your insurance covers the remaining balance. Your deductible is due to Craftsman Collision when you pick up your vehicle, and can be paid by credit card, debit or cash.
Can I bring my vehicle to Craftsman Collision even though my insurer recommends another body shop?
You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at any autobody shop.