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B.C. Body Shops Dispute ICBC Overbilling Claims

ICBC accredited B.C. body shops are disputing allegations that they’re driving up auto insurance costs by overbilling ICBC. When you look at the massive deficit ICBC finds themselves in, auto body repair payouts make up a small fraction of the debt compared to personal injury claims and legal costs paid out by the crown corporation.

Following allegations initially made 3 weeks ago that accredited ICBC body shops over-charge the insurance corporation for repairs, B.C.s Automotive Retailers Association president, Ken McCormack, said “there’s no evidence some shops overbill the insurance corporation, adding there is a system in place.” The Mitchell software that is used in accredited body shops “has very specific parameters on the cost of parts, the amount of labour that can be attributed to any specific repair.”  McCormack said, “ICBC ultimately inspects the process to verify the information and costs.”

This is after the provincial government announced it would lead an audit to look into fraud and inflation claims at ICBC.

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