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Craftsman clads BCIT Trailer

Through the years, Craftsman has contributed over $100,000 in work and vehicles to the BCIT School of Transportation. Example are this 22-foot trailer and decaled Ford F150 pickup which urges viewers to Fast track your career. We donated the graphics and the Ford, and provide ongoing support for the tech program for the School of Transportation’s $100,000 race car driven by Al Unser Jr. to second place in the 1988 CART Champ car series. Students in eight BCIT automotive programs use the race car to work with prototype technologies that will eventually be integrated into the cars of the future.

The trailer travels to schools and events throughout the province to create awareness for the dozens of BCIT School of Transportation programs aimed at future aerospace technicians, marine engineers, automotive collision repair technicians and many more careers.

Craftsman has also been a $25,000 sponsor of the BCIT golf tournament.