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2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering

This year’s Vancouver Island Motor Gathering event presented by the German Auto Import Network, was held on the Viscount Aero Centre’s grounds on August 16. It was a huge success raising over $100,000 for local charities, such as Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, Children’s Health Foundation on Vancouver Island, and the David Foster Foundation.

Over 100 of GAIN’s most dedicated employees worked Saturday and/or Sunday from the early morning until late in the evening to make this event the success it was…hats off to you for doing such a wonderful job!

Through the generous contributions of  over 70+ sponsors, the event reached its fundraising goal. Distinctive Auto Works, part of the Craftsman Group of Companies, was proud to be a Sapphire Sponsor at the event helping children, families and people in need through the charities the event supported.

Each year this event grows and they have their sights set on being the premier collector car show over the next few years on the island.

We look forward to participating and seeing you at next years Motor Gathering on August 21, 2016. Where we will be a part of bringing collectors and their collectables together for a weekend of passion for automobiles. For more information visit,

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