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Craftsman Collision proud sponsor of The CCD in Cambodia

From the moment Bill Hatswell, President/CEO of Craftsman Collision set foot in The Center for Child Development (CCD) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia he was hooked. He new he had to do whatever it took to make sure the centre received the funding needed to continue doing the much needed work of keeping vulnerable and and victimized children and youth from more harm. On that fateful day, Bill paid for all the children and youth at the centre to go for a dental check-up. From that day forward, that small gesture of kindness 5 years ago has now grown to an annual donation of $10,000.

The CCD was established in 1996 for street and working children who have been rescued from human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, economic exploitation on the streets and slum areas of Phnom Penh. The CCD accommodates up to 60 children by providing education, computer literacy, Khmer and English literacy, Khmer culture, vocational training, sports, medical/dental check up, and art therapy.

Each year Craftsman’s donation helps run and support the center for one month. The funds are used to:

  • Provide medical checks up and referral to hospitals.
  • Provide counseling on health, education and life goal planning.
  • Refer to public school from grade 1 to 12
  • Provide extra English, Computer, Khmer Literacy class in the center.
  • Provide art therapy every Sunday and the meaning and understanding of Buddhism.
  • Provide twice yearly study tours to resort and cultural places, and also sport activities.
  • Provide vocational training (Cooking skills, motor repairs, hair and beauty training, sewing, computer skills.)
  • Support reintegrated children to communities and their family.
  • Follow up reintegrated children in communities and family

“We are privileged to work with The Center for Child Development (CCD) to help improve the lives of children in Cambodia”, says Bill Hatswell, President/CEO.  “I believe that when you do well, you should also do good. There are many worthy causes and I am proud to be in a position to help a few.”

For more information on how you can support the CCD, please visit

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