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Protecting your Personal Information.

Dear Customer,

We respect your privacy and your personal information, which is why we are advising you of an event that resulted in your personal data (name, address, phone number or email) possibly being compromised, but not any payment information.

Our network was infected by a ransomware in the morning of November 29, 2019, which is a malicious program that locks users out of their network by preventing them from accessing their data. The intent of the malware is to encrypt the organizations data until a ransom is paid to unlock the system. On November 29th by 12 noon our Information Technology Department shut our network down to protect all data. Since November 29th we have been conducting a forensic audit and there is no breach of customer data either personal and/or financial. No ransom was paid and we have restored all of our systems. We want to assure you, that our network is highly secure and encrypted with industry leading technology to safeguard you.

There is no action for you to take – we will contact our customers immediately if the forensic audit determines that your personal information was compromised.

We take the protection of your personal information very seriously. Please accept our deepest apologies for the worry and inconvenience that this criminal activity has caused.

Thank you for your continued loyalty.

Yours sincerely,

Rick Hatswell


For further information please call 604.904.8886 or